The Seaside Residency

Interested in living and creating work in Mangalia, Romania? Please see here for more information about our fully funded Seaside Residency. ROLLING APPLICATIONS. No deadline.


Group Show at Mântuleasa Nr. 4 curated by Archive Space Project .

IICAT is accepting submissions for a group exhibition in August at Mântuleasa Nr. 4, a converted ballroom in Bucharest. We are looking for works that explore the tradition of the figure. Pieces or projects could depict the body, allude to its absence, negotiate the history of draperies, artist studios, and the nude model in visual art, and more.

All process, composition, or content is welcome. Apply with 2D or 3D work, performance proposals, digital media, etc.

Submission Requirements:

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: June 1st, 2017.

Email a single pdf to info@thearchivespaceproject.com that includes:
- a brief artist statement
- images of, links to, or proposals for the work you'd like us to consider (keep quantity within reason)
- relevant information about the work, including titles, dimensions, and media
- a CV
- $10 fee to be paid through Paypal.


Shipping: Work originating from North America will be shipped to and from our office in the US; we will personally transport your work safely to and from Bucharest, Romania. Work coming from the European Union will be shipped to our Bucharest office.

Commission: The gallery takes NO commission from sales. All sales go towards the artist directly.

In general, IICAT supports candidates who show repeated interest in our residency opportunity or gallery opportunities.
In order to cover the administrative costs of processing the many applications we receive, IICAT charges a small submission fee for competitive opportunities. However, if you are reapplying, you do NOT need to pay the submission fee again. If this applies to you, simply note in your application that you submitted in the past and include the year and opportunity that you first submitted to.

Email us for more information:

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