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Seaside Residency

This AIR Program is FREE.

The International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory overlooks the Black Sea in the charming, coastal town of Mangalia, Romania. The program hosts international scholars, professionals, and students who are interested in art theory, art history, and art making in order to foster critical dialogue, professional networking, and a focused studio practice for participants.

At the conclusion of the residency, artists have the opportunity to exhibit their work to the public in IICAT's gallery space.

Residency Basics

Each selection period, an artist will be chosen to live and work at the seaside residence in Mangalia, Romania.

Rolling Admissions. Applications accepted anytime.

Residencies can be scheduled in 2-week increments year round but accommodations can be made if a shorter or longer stay better suits your needs.

Residents will have access to:

- a 24/7 shared studio space with great natural light and ocean views
- wifi
- room and board
- light meals
- Laundry facilities
- Travel costs are NOT funded


How to Apply

Please email a single, multi-page pdf including the following information to query@internationalinstitutearttheory.org:

- Artist Bio
- Statement of Interest
- Artist Statement
- 5-15 images of work samples
- C.V.

- $15 application fee, payable through Paypal. This is a one time fee. If you have applied in the past to any IICAT related opportunity and paid an application fee, note this in your application and you do not need to pay again. The fee is to cover administrative costs associated with the open call. 


- We are looking for emerging and mid-career artist and academics looking for time and space to foster creative projects.

- Our ideal candidate is someone up for an adventure, who is flexible and excited about sharing a living and studio space with a culturally diverse group of artists with differing backgrounds, beliefs, and interests; the ideal candidate sees this as an opportunity to spark 
critical dialogue that will challenge their art practice.

- We pride ourselves on being discipline-independent, meaning your chosen discipline is irrelevant to the selection process as we select candidates on 
quality of work and fit with other candidates.

- Disciplines that are particularly suited for this residency include those related to Concept & Theory, Painting, Philosophy, Poetry, Printmaking, Sculpture, Visual Arts, Writing and more. Other disciplines are welcome but 
be aware that Mangalia is a small sea town, and any specialized art supplies or equipment must be brought by the artist or the artist must arrange to have it shipped.


During the summer, Mangalia is a vibrant beach town packed with European tourists, shops and the largest cultural festival of the country. The small city offers authentic Romanian culture, rich history, and local hangouts.
In contrast, during the winter months Mangalia is the antithesis of the summer hubbub. Winter provides a peaceful, private experience.

Cultural Attractions

For the most part, Mangalia is a family oriented beach town, but there a number of small cultural attractions in the area:

Muzeul de Arheologie Callatis - This small museum displays ancient artifacts, including an ancient papyrus from the 4th century BC. Discovered in 1959 while Mangalia was under Soviet control, this papyrus is considered one of the oldest pieces of European papyrus. It was held by the Russians until it was located and handed over in 2011.

Moscheea Esmahan Sultan - A town landmark, this beautiful, small mosque dates back to 1575 and is the oldest Muslim place of worship in Romania. It is surrounded by a Muslim cemetery with graves more than 300 years old.

Constanta Art Museum - Located in the nearby town of Constanta, the Constanta Art Museum specializes in 19th-century realist and landscape paintings. The museum highlights work by Romanian artists, including Impressionist Nicolae Grigorescu and abstract modernist by Ion Alin Gheorghiu.
Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum, - Also in Constanta, this museum houses works by the 20th-century early modernist sculptor Ion Jalea.

Video credit to Alexandru Gamulea, and Andu Ganea, and Gherghias Ciprian. © 2013 by maGma Photo Studio. All rights reserved. Contact maGma Photo for rights to reproduce videos.


IICAT's Villa address:
Strada Vasile Pârvan 33, Mangalia 905500, Romania
+40 755 918 111

Mangalia is accessible through Otopeni Airport in Bucharest, Romania via train or bus which costs roughly 65 Lei (the equivalent of $15). Train schedule website: CFRcalatori

We encourage residents to build into their travels an overnight stay in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. 

Please direct all questions to query@internationalinstitutearttheory.org