During our SUMMER 2016 SEASIDE RESIDENCY we had three exciting artists stay and work with us.

Zinnia Naqvi , Canada
Zinnia understands beauty; from still photography to video to installation, Zinnia has natural talent for visual harmony. Her final video piece presented viewers with still videos of mundane physical barriers – from building walls and fences, to wave breakers – she observed around town. Exquisitely composed and often humorous, Zinnia's video is a reflection on her time as an outsider, in the both the linguistic and geographical sense, in Mangalia’s community.

Essi Ojanperä , Finland
From the beginning, Essie impressed us all with the conceptual rigor of her past projects and work habits. However, her final piece – a series of photo collages created from the images she created while living in Mangalia – revealed the intuitive side of her art-practice. Mixing the old – architectural textures – with the contemporary – beach-going vacationers – Essie's exciting visuals subtly reveal the communist-era roots of this holiday town.

Benjamin Saint-Maxwell , France
Over the two weeks together, Benjamin woo-ed us with his charm and cooking. His unwavering dedication to exploring the exoticism of tourism and travel in the context of global markets expanded to incorporate the marked military presence we witnessed during our brief time in Mangalia. Strategically located between Putin and "the west," our Mangalian vista was frequented by military helicopters over the Black Sea tourists. Ben's response  – a sculpture using found organic materials, video footage, and the Romanian lei – presented the complex relationships between the power of military, economic markets, and tourism.

We also hosted three visiting artists:

Oksana Chepelyk

Nicu Ilfoveanu

Monica Morris
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